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Your staff members are critical to the success of your practice. When newly hired members are a bad fit or you lack of employees is unfulfilled, there is a tremendous impact on your business. Finding and retaining good employees is critical o the ability to compete successfully in the new dental practice market.

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Why choose us for your Dental Staffing Needs?

We comprehend that dental personnel has to be tremendously skilled, inspired, and dependable, whether or not they’re filling a receptionist position or a dentist assistant role. At Marcinow Management, we prioritize profiling and screening of main applicants to make sure they agree to all dental enterprise standards, in addition to widespread expert requirements and and any particular dental staffing needs.

Here are simple facts to consider.

  • On average, most clinic lose nearly half of their employees within 4 years.
  • An average of 35% of the late baby boomers was surveyed that they have lack of trust in the leadership of business owners yet over 35% of the new generation X expect to stay with their positions. However, millenials want to have employers with the commitment to community service and to ensure that the working environmental culture is fun.
  • Nearly half of the workers in today’s corporate world to include healthcare state that they are dissatisfied or feel indifferent towards their current position.
  • Most importantly, a recent survey has shown that nearly 40 percent of employers have reported that hiring a bad employee had cost their practice to lose more than $80,000.

How can you as a dental practice expect to grow profitably with the ongoing threat of high employee turnover? There are far too many dental practices’s have a careless process when it comes to professional talent acquisition. This can be very costly when the clinic fails to implement a thoughtful hiring process. Marcinow Management will work with you in every single step to create a strategic staffing process. Your practice will receive the practical yet effective benefits from when you use our service.

  • We will reduce the time to fill the position needed
  • We will provide objective reasons why your practice is a good fit for them
  • We will proactively identify passive candidates and convince them to apply their talent by joining your very own practice
  • We will work with you to understand your dental practice needs and team culture requirements
  • We will provide sound advice and a through-out process that can lead to better staffing retention needs and better use of your available resources

Your partner in providing effective and efficient dental staffing solution

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Why choose us for your Dental Staffing Needs?

Unlike other dental practice recruiters, our firm will ensure that we cater to each of our client’s needs by providing the best qualified professional by going through our vigorous interviewing process. It is within our work ethics that we ensure candidates make our strict benchmarks on the following process before they can be considered qualified for the available position and presented for your selection approval:

  • Pre-screening (Psychological and Drug)
  • Reference check and historical Data
  • Professional skills test/ the ability to perform as described in their resume
  • Performance-based interviewing questions

Our focus is completely driven towards the dental practice business. We concentrate exclusively on staffing needs within the realms of dentistry professionals. This has allowed our firm to have a strong relationship with all of our clients and comprehensively understand the need to be effective to serve our clients in today’s competitive market.

Bring your Vision to Life

Agency dental staff

Macrinow Management will include a wide range of dental staff to meet any staffing requirement including:

Medical/Dental Receptionist
Medical/Dental Biller
Dental Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Depending on the specific recruiting needs, dental workers may be provided on a casual, contract, or permanent basis.

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