Who we are

Marcinow Management is a proven dental practice consulting firm that fully comprehends the everyday problems and challenges faced by business owners. We demonstrate evidence-based results as we partner with clients from across the dental health care spectrum. Unlike other competitive firms, we spearhead quality and performance outcomes to create a centric value proposition that would eventually demonstrate to provide higher quality care, lower cost, and efficient practice.

We stand to master the evolving market and anticipate to identify today’s challenges, opportunities, and top trends to watch.

We are a vibrant dental consulting firm filled with innovative thinkers that are completely dedicated to solving the challenges of the dental business system. We know that the only way to change the dental management care is to look at it from every point of view. It is our responsibility to dig deep into the complex layers and work closely with each of our clients to develop an efficient and practical solution. We pride ourselves on our work ethics and uncompromising values to achieve meaningful results.

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What We Do

Dental practices encompass complex organisms, a potent and sometimes pent-up mixture of healthcare, rules and regulations, money and the components that makes it all well-ticked and checked, the people. The ideal practice should function like a well-oiled machine, with just the right number of subordinates, in the right place and all operating in perfect synchronization.

Practice owners and fellow dentists are being challenged more than ever before to deal with the dynamics of practice ownership, intensified rivalry, patients preferences, marketing and both infection and HR requirements, regardless of where they are in their careers.

Marcinow Management has years of experience in dental practice management and has developed a range of practice management tools to assist you in taking control of your practice and your career.

Our end-to-end dental practice consulting services provide comprehensive advice including a strategic business plan with financial goals and clarity about how these objectives will be met. Then you have the option of doing it alone or working with our team of special advisors, subject matter experts, and coaches to help you and your entire team achieve your desired dream.

Yasmina Marcinow


Yasmina Marcinow

Yasmina Marcinow, is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Marcinow Management, Inc – a dental practice consulting company based in California. She spent the last 20 years evangelizing an industry-wide shift of management concept that emphasizes business psychology in order to provide clients a calculated-risk with proven increase in productivity. Yasmina has built a solid reputation for developing business strategies, and managing marketing profitable business models which helped doctors and owners gain growth opportunities and maintain a mature revenue-generating business engine.

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Meet The Team

Social Media Manager

May Bosque

Social Media Marketing Manager

May is Creative, skilled social media expert
with five years of experience managing
professional social media accounts. She has
developed and delivered over 100 Social Media Marketing Plans.

Customer Service Relations

Nathali Gomez

Costumer Service Relations

Nathali’s first passion is customers. More specifically, making customers successful. She knows all about our expert Management services and helps customers achieve business-relevant outcomes.

Shahroz Hassan

Graphic Designer

Shahroz serves as Graphics Designer for Marcinow Management and brings to the team more than 5 years of experience in his field. He is responsible for design and creativity for the clients websites and digital marketing campaigns.

Practice Management Coach

Chant David

Practice Management Coach

Chant is an accomplished dental professional who works hard to build strong working relationships with dental practices. She has unique knowledge in all aspects of daily dental operations.

Nathali Gomez

Accountant Relations

Sarah maintains the critical role of conduit and liaison between clients, teams and coaches. Her solid understanding and appreciation for building client relationships is an asset to the Marcinow Managment.

Office Manager

William Richard

Office Manager

Mrs. Miller is a powerful force in the workplace. Her commitment to success, her positive attitude, her energy, and her natural mentorship ability all work hand in hand to encourage others to work hard as well.

Leadership Coach

Amir Akbari

Team & Leadership Coach

Chant is an accomplished dental professional who works hard to build strong working relationships with dental practices. She has unique knowledge in all aspects of daily dental operations.

Web Developer


Web Developer & SEO Specialist

Laraib is our web designer and developer. He is an expert in making website for dental practices that caters all their needs. He can also make your website occupy top positions on google search results.

Media Producer

David Meyer

TV Media Executive Producer

David is the leading expert in TV advertising with a wealth of connections in the prime network industry. David will tailor your advertising requirements to improve market awareness and provide a positive engagement to your future patients.


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